Amuseum Coloring Terms of Use

General Conditions

Welcome to Amuseum Coloring. Amuseum Coloring ("we", "us") provides its users the opportunity to color the world masterpieces of painting themselves.
By using our app, you agree to the following terms of use, as well as to the Privacy Policy. These terms and conditions are required to any use of our mobile app or website.
If you do not agree with any of these conditions, you are not allowed to use or access our app. The materials contained in the mobile app are protected by existing legislation (including but not limited to copyright and trademark laws).
We reserve the right to change these conditions at our discretion at any time.

Scope of these terms
Unless otherwise stated herein, these Terms govern your using our Services.
If you become the user of our app, these Terms together with the provisions of the Privacy Policy, which can be found on our Website constitute a legally binding contract between us. You should read all of those terms carefully and any other documents that we have supplied or in the future do supply to you.

Payments and refunds
In our application you can make purchases. We reserve the right to change the value of purchases within the app (except for those that you have already paid) at our discretion.
Unless otherwise provided by law, all purchases are final and non-refundable. We assume that your situation may be exceptional, and you can prove the need for a refund. If so, follow the instructions:
Refunds are provided by Apple, not by Amuseum Coloring. To request a refund, go to iTunes, click on your Apple ID, select "Purchase History," find the transaction, and click "Report a Problem."
We are not responsible for any refund claim decision made by the application platform.
All payment procedures for our services occur through resellers. We do not store your payment card data directly. We are not responsible for the actions of resellers.

License to use
We provide all users who have downloaded our app a temporary license to use it. Based on this license, only personal, non-commercial use of the application is permitted.

Your obligations
By using our products, you agree not to do anything that could damage or disrupt our app or website, including "denial of service attacks" or similar.
You are not allowed to modify or copy the application, or parts of it, use the application and the content contained in it for any commercial purpose or for any public display (commercial or non-commercial), attempt to decompile or reengineer the software.

Copyright Notice
We respect the copyrights and demand from sers of our services comply with copyright laws. The application uses only pictures that are in the public domain. You are strictly prohibited to use our application for copyright infringement. By accessing our application or site, you agree not to violate intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyright) or other rights to any data.
We are committed to processing all properly executed incoming copyright infringement messages.

We will try to ensure the smooth operation of our application and website, but we do not make any promises and do not give you guarantees that our services will work without failures, errors or interruptions.
These Terms and Privacy Policy are subject to change by us. We will try to keep these documents up to date and correct them, but we do not give any promises or guarantees regarding the accuracy of the information on our website.
We do not guarantee that the services will meet your requirements or will be suitable for any particular purpose. We also do not guarantee that the materials you use do not contain technical or photographic errors.
We are not responsible for:
* any damage or loss of data, or other content that you or anyone else may encounter after using our mobile application or website, or any problems that you may have while browsing or navigating our website or using our mobile app;
* the content of the ads displayed on our website or in our mobile application (including links to advertisers 'own websites), since advertisers are responsible for advertising and we do not support advertisers' products;
* the content of other people's sites, even if there is a link to their site on our site or in our mobile apps.
If you are not satisfied with our application or our website, then you can always stop using them.

Contact us
You can write to us via submit form at
Last updated April 8, 2019, effective April 9, 2019.