Amuseum Coloring Privacy Policy

This Policy governs our processing of your personal information and the way in which we deal with other confidential data that is not personal information. "Personal information" in the text is further the term for "personal data" as defined in the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation EU2016/679 ("GDPR"). The term "processing" is used as defined in the GDPR. It includes collection, storage, and all of the legal ways we use, and allow you to use, personal information, when we provide our services. You are the owner and data controller under the GDPR of the personal information you provide to us. "Frontapp s.r.o." is the data controller under the GDPR of all other personal information.

This Policy is divided into three sections to make it easier for you to see which provisions apply to different types of data.
The sections of this Policy are:
1. This Introduction section.
2. The "Website and Application Usage Data" section. This covers the data that is collected and generated by our systems when anyone browses our website or uses our application.
3. The "General Terms" section, which applies to all our services and all types of data and confidential information in general.

Website and Application Usage Data

This is the section of this Policy that covers activity on our website or when using of our application by you.
When you use our services, our systems retain the following data:
* IP address;
* information on advertizing identifiers;
* Our communications with you, in case of your addresses to us.
We collect only that information which is necessary for providing our services, and we do not conduct excess collection of information.
We will collect, to protect, store, use and otherwise process your Data for providing our services. We also have a legitimate interest in processing your Data so that we can maintain and improve our systems and services and communicate with you as referenced in this Policy.
You are responsible for relevance of the provided information. According to GDPR you have the right to request specification of the data or their removal. In case of request for removal you should refuse use of our services and to delete the application. All inquiries of this sort have to come in a strict form: Your name, e-mail address, your inquiry, description of the reason of inquiry. We reserve the right to ignore messages which are made not in a form.From time to time we may need to communicate with each other directly. We will use the email address. Any communication to you will be deemed to be received by you, no matter whether you are actively monitoring the account or its email address or not. You can communicate with us via contact formusing the e-mail address Also to start a communication session with us you can use a form on our website (
When using our application or at visit of our website the following specific terms apply:
We may collect data about visits to our website and on use of our application to measure the number of visitors, to make the website load faster and otherwise to optimize work of our services. We may use cookies or other similar technology for these purposes. It is necessary for us to do this so that we can accelerate functionality of our website and application and to provide you sentences of additional Services. By using our website, apps or our services, you specifically consent to our use of cookies and such other technology to collect data.
We may:
* join Usage Data with other users data and give it to advertisers in a way which doesn't personally identify any particular user;
* analyse and use Usage Data for marketing or statistical purposes as well as to improve the services;
* produce our own advertising or use third-party advertising companies to serve advertisements on the website and on third party sites, as well as to assist us in analysing our marketing and other business efforts. We and these advertisers may use cookies or other similar technology to collect information about your visits to the website and the use of the application in order to provide you with targeted advertising.
We collect and store data about the use of the site and the application with your consent to provide services and support related to the website and our services, to research the market and products, as well as to provide users promotional materials and special offers about our services. If you do not agree to the processing of data about the use of the application, you will have to delete our application. The very fact of using our application confirms your consent to process your data in the amount specified above.
If we are forced to disclose your data to a third party (for example, a government supervisory authority), we will inform you of this if it is legal and expedient.

General terms

This is a section of this Policy that governs the processing of confidential information in general.
Basics of processing and working with data
We process your personal information because you have agreed to perform this procedure in accordance with our Terms of Service, this Policy. We cannot provide our services for you without this data. Other data that is not personal information may also be processed by us in accordance with our Terms of Service, this Policy.
We undertake to process user data appropriately and take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access to them, as well as to prevent possible disclosure, alteration or destruction of data.
We process your data as long as you use our services and facilities. All processing is carried out automatically using our information systems.

Your own security practices are critical

We strongly urge you to use best practices for ensuring the safety of your systems and devices (e.g. via unique passwords, security upgrades, firewall protection, anti-virus software, securing devices, etc).
We will never send you an email asking you to follow the link somewhere, so don't give in to any such email.
We cannot guarantee the security of your computers or devices, as well as the transfer of data from your device to the Internet and back, and thus cannot guarantee the absence of unauthorized access to your data.

Information disclosure

We have the right to transfer your data to the competent authorities, if necessary by law. We reserve the right to assist any law enforcement agency in conducting investigations.

Our counterparties, payment systems and resellers

We reserve the right to exchange information, including user data with companies, payment processors and their intermediaries in accordance with applicable law. You authorize us and each of our related parties to collect, store, share and otherwise process your data, as necessary, to provide services in accordance with applicable law. All the organizations we work with are located in Europe or in countries that the European Commission has determined to ensure an adequate level of protection, in accordance with Article 45 of the GDPR. By conducting transactions in our application, you authorize our company and resellers of payment systems to collect, store, transfer and otherwise process among themselves such data that is necessary to ensure that payments are processed in accordance with current legislation.


We guarantee that we will never sell your data on the use of the application or website. We will not disclose or otherwise provide any of your data about the use of the application and the website to third parties, or otherwise use your data outside the framework of compliance with this Policy and our "Terms of Service".

Contact us

Questions and comments regarding this Policy are welcome and can be addressed to the Privacy Officer at

We may make changes to this Policy in the future. Any changes can be read in this Policy.


Last updated April 8, 2019, effective April 9, 2019.